NIST is not Essential

The “Closure” has taught us who and what is essential.  Most notably, we can do without NIST and the guidance they provide on security.  They have decided that their web site that provides guidance is not needed for essential personnel.   We also learned that we do not need them either, as all the information provided by the site is cached by Google.

In short,

  • NIST = Non-Essential
  • Google = Essential
NIST is not Essential

NIST is not Essential

While Federal Employees are told they are going to be fully paid, they remain vacationing.  Must be nice to get paid when you are not working. They are being paid as payola to keep their votes.  Their contracting counterparts will be unpaid (I guess Congress and Obama don’t need their votes).   The Federal Government has closed its parks and pays for security to keep people out.  No one in the Government, not Congress of the President, is blameless.  Democracy is now a synonym for hypocrisy.  On the bright side, with the web sites closed the Chinese are not going to be hacking them until the Government can reopen.


  1. Personally, I believe Federal Employees should be able to “make up” their work without overtime to earn the full compensation. I have quite a few friends in the government that would agree. The ones that don’t should be replaced with ethical workers. That is all…

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